Voice Changer 2.6
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Voice Changer 2.6

Transform your voice with Voice Changer. Simply tap  to  record and  then choose from 18 funny sound effects.

Great fun  for all ages - you can sound like a mouse, an evil demon or  even speak  in reverse. Record for seconds or hours and then SAVE  recordings for  playback at a later stage.

- 18 funny voice effects
-  Create your own voice effects
- Save your recording as a ringtone
-  Real-time live mode (hold finger down)
- Email recordings to a  friend

Some of the sound effects include:

Normal,  Helium Balloon, Reverse, Sci-fi, Mouse, Slow Down, Speed Up,  Drugged,  Alien, Dark Side, Megaphone,Choir, Cave, Canyon, Demon, Robot,  Man2Women  and Women2Man.

**Please note that iPod Touch users will need an  external microphone to  record**

What's new

  **Fixed major bug that crashes app **

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