Từ điển Anh - Việt by Lingvosoft (từ điển pro nhất cho iphone)
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Bộ từ điển hot cho iphone chỉ có tại HIP

A talking bidirectional dictionary that features advanced functionality and up to 1,000,000 entries.

Ectaco LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary English <-> Vietnamese for iPhone is an instant bilingual bidirectional translation solution. It incorporates the most complete databases and dependable accuracy with superior processing ability.

The Dictionary contains an extensive vocabulary, a choice of 5 display languages, advanced TTS (text-to-speech) voice capabilities, and unique User's Dictionaries. It is a fully customizable and user-friendly translation tool. With robust search utilities and extensive linguistic resources, it ensures reliable results every time

Ectaco LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary features:


Comprehensive and fully updated bilingual, bidirectional vocabulary database with integrated Explanatory English Dictionary
Intelligent Spell-Check function (finds misspelled and incorrectly entered words)
Advanced Synonym Search (provides a list of alternatives for the selected word)
Translations complete with part of speech, gender, comment, transcription, and examples
Includes transcriptions for all English entries
Language information included for almost 40 languages
Complete English Grammar resources


Advanced TTS (text-to-speech) functionality
Customizable interface (toolbars, font settings, colors, etc.)
English, French, German, Spanish and Russian display language options
Convenient Virtual Keyboard helps you to enter special and language specific symbols
Quick paste and translate (translates a selected word in other application with just one click)
Personalized User Dictionaries (create, add, and edit you own personal dictionaries)
Input Line search finds any word matching the sequence of symbols you enter
History function to view and select previously entered words

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