Tank Battle: Iron Warfare - bắn xe tăng 3D mới
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Tank Battle: Iron Warfare
Version: 1.0
Category: Games
Publish Date:2010-01-26
Add to heaveniphone : 2010-01-27
Price: $1.99
Size: 24.2 MB


Get ready to prove to your friends who the TRUE Tank Master is with Tank Battle: Iron Warfare!
Tank Battle lets you unleash fury and pure destruction across 20 fully-rendered 3D worlds in either combat or base capture gameplay modes, with up to eight tanks battling it out across maps that are approximately a square mile in area!
The first app from 18-year-old programming savant John Judnich, Tank Battle utilizes precise aiming controls via the Accelerometer and an innovative motion system, allowing for unparalleled control accuracy for a 3D App Store App. Choose from three different tank types – Light (fast and nimble but weak), Medium (well-balanced) and Heavy (powerful and tough but slow) – and take on progressively more challenging enemies.

Complete with Easter Eggs and new tanks in the later stages of the game, Tank Battle: Iron Warfare offers up tons of explosive gameplay in a deceptively small package!              

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