Pirate Waters  -  Tàu chiến đấu !
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Pirate Waters             
            Version:   1.1  
            Category:   Games  
            Publisher:   bootant.com  
            Relase Date: 2010-04-26
            Added Date: 2010-04-28
            Price   $1.99  
            Size:    23.6 MB            


Pirate Waters

        Universal  Prepare to be boarded! Pirate Waters is a very enjoyable 3D game. Sail  your ship by tilting your iPhone or iPod Touch. Destroy enemy ships.  Collect treasures and collect different power-ups. Rescue sailors.  Upgrade your ship at docks. Sail through 20 levels across different  environments (south, north, tropics, volcanoes, snow). Save the world  from evil pirates and become a pirate too!

Enjoy the game! Arrr!


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