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Fast Contacts
Version: 3.4
Category: Utilities
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HIP: 2010-01-19
Price: $1.99
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 Just like you flip through album art in iPod, you can flip through your contact photos using cover flow. See the screenshots.

 Hate missing birthdays and anniversaries? The Alarms feature reminds you of upcoming birthdays, anniversaries and other events. The application icon badge shows the count of upcoming events.

 Why settle for something plain and boring? FastContacts gives you beautiful color themes to suit your mood and style.

 Can't remember the name of the plumber or that super cool restaurant? In addition to Name, Company, Phone Number & Address fields, FastContacts searches the Notes fields in your address book to find buried information. Now you can finally search your Outlook Notes that you synced to your iPhone!

 Visiting San Franciso (or any other city)? With one click sort all your contacts by City and quickly decide who you want to meet (and who to avoid). You can also sort by State, Zip, Country, etc.

 Organizing an alumni dinner (or any such event)? Tap the "Group Email" button to quickly send an email to all your alumni group members (or any such group) with one click.

 Looking for a job or a professional connection? Quickly sort your contacts by their Company/Department to see your connections.

 List your contacts by "Events last/this/next month" or "Events by month" to be prepared for all the upcoming events!!

 Add/modify/delete contact records.

 Works great even when you sync your Contacts with MobileMe, Microsoft Exchange, Address Book (on Mac) or Outlook (on PC).

 Recommended for fans of iBeer, LightBike, Wobble, Blocked, Distant Shore, iShoot, Tetris, PocketGuitar, iFart, Ocarina, Koi Pond & FieldRunners.

Tính năng
- Ghi nhớ ngày sinh nhật của bạn bè
- tìm kiếm lịch họp 1 cách nhanh chóng
- tìm kiếm danh bạ giống lướt qua trong trong ipod
- mail cho 1 nhóm bạn bè
- chọn màu sắc và theme như ý muốn
- .........
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